My Service

My Service to you…..

Learning and Development

Whilst your child is in my care i will:

  • Keep a diary for children which can be shared between us.  I will keep you informed of what your child has eaten, achieved, naps taken, information from nursery and anything else i feel  important to share with you.  You can also use this to share any information with me. I have recently joined a online system called baby’s days where you as parents can log on and view there diary on a daily basis in your own time as well as other info regarding your child’s details and development. 
  • I also provide each child with a learning journey which includes observations, pictures,  and comments.  For children under 5 this incorporates the EYFS framework which outlines your childs learning and development.  This ensures they are participating in and learning from suitable activities and experiences specific to their individual stage of development.  I as a registered childminder can then plan and setup appropriate play, for your children. This is also shared through baby’s days.
  • 2 to 3 times a year I may invite you as parents to a coffee morning / evening.  This is a chance to share any relevant information, voice any concerns and hear about how your child’s progressing. I will also send out questionnaires for parents to fill in about my services and for you to voice any opinions you may have or ideas. Working in partnership with parents is very important to me.




I offer a very balanced, healthy, nutritious lunch, tea and snacks.  I encourage the children to eat fruit and vegetables at appropriate times. Below is a list of what I provide:

  • Snacks are included in  my hourly rate
  • I provide water, diluted juice throughout the day
  • If there is anything you don’t want or would like provided I will happily accommodate this were possible
  • I can cater for special dietary needs or allergies
  • Breakfast can be provided for a small extra charge (£1.00) per meal
  • Lunch can be provided for a small extra charge (£1.00) per meal
  • Tea can be provided for a small extra charge (£1.50) per meal


Below is a sample menu:


Sample Menu

Breakfast – Toast, Fruit or Cereal
Snacks – Fruit (fresh & dried), warm crumpet
Lunch – Crackers, cheese, grapes and cucumber & a yoghurt for pudding

tea – Pasta with meatballs in a sauce with fresh veg on the side.

A list of allergens and menu can be provided if needed.


Essentials you will need to provide…..

  • Nappies
  • Formula or expressed milk
  • Baby food
  • Change of clothes
  • Sun hat and cream
  • Any medications for your child

Daily Routine………

7.30am to 8.15am – Children arrive (breakfast if necessary)

8.15am to 9.00am – Taking children to school

9.15am to 11.00am – Toddler Group and Snacks

11.00am to 11.30am – travel home

11.30am to 12.15pm – lunch time

12.30pm – take children to nursery

13.00pm – Outdoor Play, activities, music

14.00pm – nap time for younger children

15.15 pm- collect children from school

16.00pm – Snack and Drink

16.30pm to 17:30pm – Free play and planned activities until home time

5pm- tea time

Hopefully your child would of had a lovely day and you can see my planning and objectives that go into day to day activities when you visit or by all means contact me if you would like to see them before hand.