My Setting

 Welcome to my setting

I provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment.  As a registered childminder I provide and plan various activities for the children to play, learn and experience from whilst in my care.

I have a designated room for the children in which most of our activities will take place.  This is a bright, stimulating and spacious environment to play in. 

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The children will also have access to a secure garden for outdoor play, which will be supervised. 

I offer and provide a range of toys, equipment and activities for the children to enjoy: –

  • Creative Play (painting, chalks, music, drawing and collage etc)
  • Imaginative Play (dressing up, dolls, prams, tool kit, doctors kit, food and till etc)
  • Construction (megablocks, bricks etc)
  • Board Games
  • Jigsaws
  • Baby Toys
  • Small World Play (HappyLand, garage etc) 

and much more…………………..


The kitchen/diner is used for more craft/game activities and meal times.

We have a spacious garden for children to play & explore in, and it is importantly kept safe and secure at all times. The children have access to a slide, sand/water pit, bats and balls and more!  I often bring our learning outside so the children experience & gain physical, stimulating & fun play in a different environment. The children will also be encouraged to help grow and look after plants depending on the season!

All the children are encouraged in everyday activities wether it be adult led or chosen by the child, these will all be related and adapted to your child’s age and individual stage of development.

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